Deployment on windows 10, HW requirements and more

Hi guys,

I was wondering to deploy a simple Go Web Server on a Windows 10 , after I build the .exe.
No Db, No logging, nothing fancy, only to open Windows apps, Chrome, F.Fox, VLC, PPT, etc…
Local server only, no internet.


How do I start the server? Double click on the .exe or only via cmd, win go run main.go ?

Is this HW enough? Compact Pc Z3735w Quad Core 2g 32gb Slot Micro Sd Hd


How do I start the server?

You can start it like any other .exe on Windows. There is nothing special about Go executables. Just be aware that Go exes are command-line exes, so if you double-click a Go binary, most likely Windows will open a command prompt window and execute the binary there.

Is this HW enough?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: There is no answer to this question. How many requests per second are coming in? How high is the CPU load / memory footprint etc. per request? How long does it take to handle a single request? Unless you know all of this (or at least have a rough idea), there is no way to tell whether the hardware is fast enough.

As a rule of thumb, unless your hardware is something like a Raspberry Pi Zero, it is probably fast enough and large enough. (And even on a Pi Zero you can run a Web server - as said, it depends on the workload.)

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