Deploying gin-gonic, aerospike app on Google app engine


I have a build a simple app using gin-gonic(golang) and aerospike.

Can anyone help in deploying to app engine ? I was able to deploy a basic golang app but unable to deploy gin and aerospace.

Any good links/direct help will be good.


Can you elaborate a bit more on the errors you are getting?

@khosrow Thanks for trying to help.

Currently I have one main error. I was able to run gingonic on GAE but unable to connect to aerospike.

I found that we need to use aerospike from google cloud to make it work on GAE so I installed that in google cloud but normal pages are being loaded but pages that need connection to aerospike raising error that connection failed.

I tried using localtion, internal ip, external ip

By the way, I use aerospike-client-go and here is the command:

     client, err := NewClient("ip", 3000)

Have you checked to see if the port is open?

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