Compare three []string, result: decrypt message

Hi friends!
I have three var type []string

I need to combine them to get the decrypted message


[“hi my friends!”]

Thanks for the suggestions

What rules do you have to apply for the slices to build the final result?

  • Combinate three []strings
  • When a word cannot be determined, it is replaced by a string
    blank in array
  • Consider that there is a lag (to be determined) received in each []string.

I don’t understand the rules. When can’t a word not determined? What do you mean by “consider there is lag”?

Currently I see a 3x3 matrix and I shall generate a single sentence from it, can you use English words to describe how to get from matrix to sentence?

Can you phrase them in a way that it is numbered steps, which can jump arbitrarily from one to the other?

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