Comming from a non CS field

Friends, I have been using Go for a year and half now. It is the first programming language (previously I was using python) I have dedicated a ton of time, and I come from another field (electrical engineering). Today I decided to modify my resume to start looking for a job in programming. Most of my experience is not related to CS. Should I remove them from my resume? What is your advice?

I don’t think you should remove your past experience in your resume. People always appreciate work experience, imo. If you want to look attractive, then get involve in open source project if you’re comfortable doing that. I know it’s easier to say it than doing it. Or come up with your own project and put it in github and you can put it in your resume. I’m sure to what extent it will look better in your resume as golang developers are not that too many at this point, compare to other languages such Java or C#
Hope this helps, and good luck.

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