CodePerfect: A new high-performance IDE for Go

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on CodePerfect, a new cross-platform IDE for Go:

The long term goal is to combine Sublime Text’s speed with Jetbrains’ power & feature richness. Right now, it takes the twenty or so features that developers actually use 95% of the time, and makes them extremely fast. Among other things, it supports:

  • jump to definition
  • find references
  • autocomplete
  • parameter hints
  • postfix completions
  • integrated debugger (via delve)
  • integrated builds
  • fuzzy file + symbol search
  • vim keybindings
  • auto format (with organize imports)
  • find implementations of given interface
  • find interfaces implemented by given type
  • generate implementation of interface for given type
  • auto rename
  • beta support for generics
  • …and more

All of this is written in C++ and runs on a custom renderer at 60 fps. It indexes large codebases very quickly, much more quickly than Jetbrains. The high-level plan from here is to bring existing features to an acceptable level of stability, then start slowly expanding featurewise until it reaches parity with Jetbrains.

Currently it supports Mac (x64/arm) and Windows (x64). Linux support is 98% there and blocked by some stupid GTK bug I’m working through. If I get lots of Linux interest I’ll heavily prioritize it.

The current pricing model is a free 7 day trial, then $10/mo, or $5/mo if you’re buying it yourself as an individual. You get two months off when you subscribe for a year.

Thank you for reading, and looking forward to your feedback!

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