Closure func example in golang

package main

import (

type test struct {
name string
fn func() string

var d = []test{{
func() string {
str := read()
return str

func read() string {

str := "golang"

return str


func main() {

for i := 0; i < len(d); i++ {

	name := d[i].name

	lang := d[i].fn

	fmt.Println(name, lang)


Please can tell me i didnt get out of the lang for me :-
OutPut: -
Google 0x483280
Google golang i need

Call the function, don’t just print it:

fmt.Println(name, lang())

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Thank you,

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In your struct, fn is just a func() which returns a string, so what you did is

var fn = func() string{return "google"}

So the answer is

var fn = func() string{return "google"}
var s = fn()
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Thank you

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