ChatGPT copyright?

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What is the legal status of code outputed by ChatGPT ? Are we allowed to use it in production ? What about the documentation it can create ? What about regexes, bug fixes, and optimizations ?

Well, I asked ChatGPT

The legal status of code outputted by ChatGPT would depend on the specific use case and jurisdiction. Generally speaking, code is considered a form of expression and is protected by copyright laws. However, the specific terms of use for ChatGPT and any associated code may be subject to the terms of service or license agreement provided by OpenAI. It is always a good idea to consult with a legal professional to understand the specific legal implications of using any code or software in your particular situation.

Buckle up buckaroo: ChatGPT is not considered a legal person, thus he cannot give consent. Also, in its current version, it can sometimes produce contradictory answers to the same question.

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Well, “he” is a male obviously :slight_smile:

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I am not a lawyer, but it’s a question of fair use. The owner of ChatGPT claim it’s fair use, the writers of the original code that it’s not. The court will tell us who’s right.

See here for one of the lawsuits: First Open Source Copyright Lawsuit Chal­lenges GitHub Copi­lot

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