Can't loop through a list of users in my Go template

main.go code:

type User struct {
name string
age  int8
tmpl := template.Must(template.ParseFiles("todo.html"))
user1 := User{name: "one", age: 16}
user2 := User{name: "two", age: 17}
user3 := User{name: "three", age: 16}
users := []User{user1, user2, user3}
tmpl.Execute(w, users)

My html template:

{{range .}}

What is wrong?
for debugging when i pring {{.}} only it gives me this in html page:

{one 16}
{two 17}
{three 16}

Why I can’t access anything?

Found out the error, I was supposed to type Name instead of name. This is not an error in my code but a very weird behavior from Go (that every field must start with a capital letter)
I should spend more time reading the documentation about “effective Go”