Best universities in Europe to learn Go

What universities do you recommend to learn Go in Europe? What universities are decent? Where are large local gopher communities?

I don’t think it is for an university to teach Go or any programming language. An university should teach Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science (“Informatik” in Germany) but not a specific tool.

A list of Go user groups in Europe can be found at

BTW: Is the background of your question that you want to hire Go developers, not learn Go?

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Hi lutzhorn,
thanks for pointing out :slight_smile: That is a very helpful link! Yes, the background is that I want to hire Go developers, but I want to get into Go, too.
All the best

I don’t think any institution of higher education offers a Go course. The language is still young and not very much used.

Reading a good book is something I would always prefer over sitting through an introductory course. My recommendation is to get a copy of The Go Programming Language and work through it. This will teach you more and at your own speed than any course can do.

Programming in a good editor with Go support helps. I prefer Visual Studio Code but others are happy with other tools.

well, there’s that list:

(which I shall update with my university once I finished writing that damn lecture, for this semester)


@lutzhorn, thanks! That is helpful, too.

great! Thanks for the list :slight_smile:

you could find out from Todd Mcload
He taught Golang in a school.

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