Best Golang stack for junior career path?

Hello everyone, I’m new to programming and decided to work toward a golang career path. I’ve studied a number of job boards and there seems to be a general requirement for multi skilled golang developers and I’ve noticed some patterns.

In addition to golang employers want:

  • node.js or ruby or python or java or php
  • React or Angular or other
  • es6 or typescript
  • docker

I think I’ll take the golang, node, react, es6, docker learning path as they were the respective technologies that appeared more often. But I need to fill out the stack with the most efficient and employable BASIC must have complementary skill set to complete the golang stack and make myself employable. Ignoring the perfect/ideal stack, what would be the most practical and efficient stack for a newb to develop?

Thanks for your help

Node.js, React, Angular, and Typescript are all just flavors of javascript (EcmaScript [ES{Whatever 6+ at this point for current sometimes referred by year such as 2016}]. These are frameworks with a certain amount of prebuilt community libraries that are geared towards speeding along development with the exception of Typescript which is just a way to force concrete variable typing in javascript as a way to circumvent some bugs that can arise from its support for generic datatypes.

Honestly whats actually important is Computer Science, having a true grasp on the theoretical basis will help you much more than familiarity with any specific technology. Golang is very focused on the minimalist low level implementation of various concepts instead of hiding that stuff from you like you were a child that couldn’t comprehend what’s going on in the background like many popular languages these days seem to do.

Golang is useful for all sorts of problems, especially systems level problems. You should be asking yourself where you want to go with the language. From the look of your question it seems like Web Application development is where you are considering starting your career. I suggest building some stuff with Golang, and the base of the other technologies you have listed, which would be HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Learn to do it without the gimmicks and you’ll have a better understanding of what it takes to accomplish your goals, and have a better understanding of the benefits of other technologies and when they are actually going to be useful for the problems you are working on, as well as the tradeoffs for using them. These are just my suggestions, others may argue to the contrary.

I would check out Todd Mcleod’s various channels for a good introductory look into what you’re getting into.


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