Backend Engineer in SF - API for Synthetic Biology @ Serotiny

We design genetic therapies at Serotiny. We’ve built a biologically-aware API to turn genetic engineering from a purely artistic endeavor into an engineering discipline. The results of our software compile down physically to novel DNA sequences, that then compile inside a person’s cells into novel proteins that help cure them of genetic disorders, or aid their immune systems in attacking cancers.

This person will lead the development Serotiny’s biologically-aware API, collaborating with biologists to deploy novel creative algorithms useful in the design of new proteins.

The digital infrastructure is part of a design/build/test loop that couples a finely tuned software architecture with wet-lab mammalian synthetic biology. Serotiny is looking for our first backend developer who is excited to design novel software architectures for synthetic biology.


  • Collaborate with biologists to define and design a custom biologically-aware API

  • Explore machine-learning & other constraint solving strategies on novel data structures

  • We currently work in Go and Ember


  • 3+ years professional industry experience

  • Experience with Go

  • Experience with API integration

  • Experience shipping a digital product

  • Flexibility and desire to work at the early stages of a startup


  • Full health benefits

  • Budget to host and attend developer events

  • Opportunities to develop and publish open-source standards for synthetic biology

  • Opportunities to architect and deploy novel data structures for use in biology

$100-150k + equity