Arrays of structures

I threw some code together and surprisingly it works. Sort of. I assign some variables to an array. Using the array name, I can access the ‘name’ field of variable, but not the ‘present’ field. I suspect I am doing something illegal, but why does it work at all?

It’s because your array is holding a copy of the animals Rabbit, Chicken… see here for a working example

Could have also updated by accessing this index and assigning that way.

I see that you used pointers/ addresses to make it work. But I still don’t see how my original managed to print the name.
The addresses of animals[0].name and are different, so I’m thinking the assignment copied the name from one structure to another. Doh! Array animals got a copy of data structures. Changing the data of an individual animal (like Rabbit) doesn’t change the data in animals.

Thanks for helping me clarify my thinking.

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