Approch to Solve GoLang Question

Problem Statement:-

In this we’ll deal with one optimization problem, which can be informally defined as:
Assume that we have N users and N products (dresses) .For each pair (user, product) we have to assign some weight to the dresses and find the most relevant dresses for the user based on the traits and interest of user.
Input :-
​​​​​​A.​Product Json:-
Attributes related to product
B.User Json:-
Attributes related to User behaviour and interest

Most relevant products to the user based on his/her choice.
Sheela fair colored tall girl of age 26 wants to buy red dress for her college party.
So we have to find from our product catalogue the most relevant red dress for her based on her interest like party type, western, 25 yrs, fair colored tall.
Note:- weight to the attributes should be configurable, either it can be hard coded in system or ask user for the weights.

This sounds like a homework assignment. Why don’t you show us what you have and where you get stuck and we’ll help you along!

You’re basically building a recommendation system… That’s a very tall order (source: I’ve so far built 2 such systems and a litany of broken, half-implementations - trust me when I say it’s Hard with a capital H).

But, in case you still want to press ahead, what you want is typically some sort of matrix factorization. You should look into that.

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