Advices For A Web Appliction


I am quite new to go and web technologies. I am about to start a small project and i would like to listen any advices from you. Thanks in advance for your time.

Project: Web Based Pre-Accounting Application

First Target Count Of Users: 500

Operating System: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

Http Web Framework: Gin-Gonic

Extension For Database: Sqlx

User Authentication: OAuth 2.0 or JasonWebTokens

I am planning to start a scalable single cloud server which will have a database server and a
single http service. Will i have any problems with this architecture.

Lately i am reading about containers, orchestration tools and microservices architectures. Do i need them for this kind of project?

What do you advice ?

No, that sounds fine.

These are very complex topics which you probably can ignore for now. Start simple.


Thank you!

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