Adding persistance to this connection

I have got this Go code which is a peer-to-peer code which establishes connection of two or more nodes and they can exchange data. However the problem is that at the moment if a node is terminated all other nodes stops working too. So with this problem, I wanna add persistence to them so if one node get terminated because of X reason, all nodes should keep working.

func handleStream(s net.Stream) {

	log.Println("Got a new stream!")

	// Create a buffer stream for non blocking read and write.
	rw := bufio.NewReadWriter(bufio.NewReader(s), bufio.NewWriter(s))

	go readData(rw)
	go writeData(rw)

	// stream 's' will stay open until you close it (or the other side closes it).
// Make a host that listens on the given multiaddress
	ha, err := makeBasicHost(*listenF, *secio, *seed)
	if err != nil {

	if *target == "" {
		log.Println("listening for connections")
		// Set a stream handler on host A. /p2p/1.0.0 is
		// a user-defined protocol name.
		ha.SetStreamHandler("/p2p/1.0.0", handleStream)

		select {} // hang forever
		/**** This is where the listener code ends ****/
	} else {
		ha.SetStreamHandler("/p2p/1.0.0", handleStream)

		// The following code extracts target's peer ID from the
		// given multiaddress
		ipfsaddr, err := ma.NewMultiaddr(*target)
		if err != nil {

		pid, err := ipfsaddr.ValueForProtocol(ma.P_IPFS)
		if err != nil {

		peerid, err := peer.IDB58Decode(pid)
		if err != nil {

		// Decapsulate the /ipfs/<peerID> part from the target
		// /ip4/<a.b.c.d>/ipfs/<peer> becomes /ip4/<a.b.c.d>
		targetPeerAddr, _ := ma.NewMultiaddr(
			fmt.Sprintf("/ipfs/%s", peer.IDB58Encode(peerid)))
		targetAddr := ipfsaddr.Decapsulate(targetPeerAddr)

		// We have a peer ID and a targetAddr so we add it to the peerstore
		// so LibP2P knows how to contact it
		ha.Peerstore().AddAddr(peerid, targetAddr, pstore.PermanentAddrTTL)

		log.Println("opening stream")
		// make a new stream from host B to host A
		// it should be handled on host A by the handler we set above because
		// we use the same /p2p/1.0.0 protocol
		s, err := ha.NewStream(context.Background(), peerid, "/p2p/1.0.0")
		if err != nil {

Thanks in advance.