Access value using key from a struct

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check this example carefully

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This is the package provided by smartmakers. When you create a new project and init it gives a body into which you put your developed code. In that body a library comes imported already and that is:

I try to include the both then I get this

c:\go\src\\smartmakers\drivers\go\driver\driver (from $GOROOT)
C:\Go\go-work\src\gobps\src\\smartmakers\drivers\go\driver\driver (from $GOPATH)

I don’t understand why they have included "" this package when it’s not used in the original body. I have spent good amount of time in understanding their packages and how to use it, still complicated.

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well, if you understand how to use that package then why would not you use it by the way showed in the example

I suppose that if you are able to run this (it works for me), then you should be able to use that package

    package main

    import (



    func main() {

    _ = v1.New()


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