Access value using key from a struct

check this example carefully


This is the package provided by smartmakers. When you create a new project and init it gives a body into which you put your developed code. In that body a library comes imported already and that is:

I try to include the both then I get this

c:\go\src\\smartmakers\drivers\go\driver\driver (from $GOROOT)
C:\Go\go-work\src\gobps\src\\smartmakers\drivers\go\driver\driver (from $GOPATH)

I don’t understand why they have included "" this package when it’s not used in the original body. I have spent good amount of time in understanding their packages and how to use it, still complicated.


well, if you understand how to use that package then why would not you use it by the way showed in the example

I suppose that if you are able to run this (it works for me), then you should be able to use that package

    package main

    import (



    func main() {

    _ = v1.New()


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