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Just a quick question. I’m using vscode as my editor and running the code in the terminal. Everytime i run the code my antivirus keeps checking it. I’m very new to go and am not sure what a compiled language is. I know python , but it don’t do this when I run that in my editor. Thanks ahead of time

Running a go program using go run is the same as first compiling to a temporary folder and then run the compiled program. Does the antivirus ask you each time if the program is Ok?

No it just scans it and says it’s ok. More annoying than anything. I was mainly wondering why it does that. Is there a way around that?

It does this because every run creates a new exe file. Can you tell your antivirus not to report “ok” things?

I’m not sure will have to check into that. Thanks for the info.

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I did find a way to work around it. will post solve in another post. Thanks

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